I've used Photoshop for many years for photo retouching and manipulation but now use it more than ever  for UI/UX design work. I've completed numerous training courses (and constantly update my knowledge) and consider myself to be a Photoshop power-user.

I was a Freehand user for many years but made the transition to Illustrator in around 2005 when CS2 launched. I initially used it to prepare images for placing in InDesign but now use it a lot for packaging  and UI/UX design work.

I was a QuarkXPress user for many years but also made the transition to InDesign in around 2005 when CS2 launched. I used to do around 80% of my work in InDesign but, these days, work mainly in Illustrator and Photoshop (I probably use InDesign 40% of my work day so still well up to speed!)

I've recently discovered Muse and love it! It's the ideal app for designers with print backgrounds to use for building websites - whether for publishing or just prototyping.

Being a keen photographer (semi-professional - I shoot a lot of stuff for my clients) I do a lot of post-production and Lightroom is the best app I've found, both for asset management and image adjustment (I rarely use Photoshop to just make image adjustments).

I have used Fireworks from time to time and I am quite proficient in its use. I just find that Illustrator and/or Photoshop have similar functionality and I'm more comfortable with them (plus Muse has made Fireworks somewhat redundant for prototyping websites).

I spent a lot of time working in Dreamweaver and developed quite good knowledge of HTML and CSS. I do prefer though to leave web developing to those with greater knowledge of the intricacies of the web... I'll just design it and let them build it.

I've dabbled in Flash and have a good understanding of how it works. I'd be lying if I said I was proficient in it though. I have enough knowledge to build simple animations but leave the tricky stuff to the experts. Plus Flash is outdated technology anyway (ouch!).

Like most graphic designers I'm not in love with Microsoft Office apps but I do have a good-enough understanding of them to be able to use them effectively when required.

For a graphic designer, I'm a bit of a nerd and have made use of Filemaker Pro extensively both for my own day-to-day requirements and developing database solutions for clients.


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